Highway 100 km. Surhandarya. 2012-2026. Cost: 28 million USD - Photo gallery
01. 02. 2014.

Reconstruction of highway and transfer asphalt concrete pavement with length of 100 km from 2-lane to 4-lane, on the highway M39 Tashkent-Termez, on sections 1330-1395 km, 1400-1410 km and 1426-1451 km, including 36 bridges.


OJC ICIC «AKKORD» Azerbaijan

General contract:
LTD «ROADMAX» Uzbekistan
Chief Project Engineer:
Completion date:

The object is a reconstruction of highway and transfer from 2-lane to 4-lane asphalt concrete pavement with length of 100 km. The task of our company includes: Clearing rock from blasting with volume of more than 3 million m3. Construction of subgrade soil volume more than 1.9 million tons. To make on layer machine Vogel 1900, the base of Gravel sand blend with 30% content of gravel fractions 20-40 with volume 2,080 million tons.