Highway. Approach for Khorezm. 2009-2011. Cost: 6,515,000 USD - Photo gallery
01. 12. 2013.

Customer: Republican Road Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan
General contract: LTD «ROADMAX»
Chief Project Engineer: JSC "Boshtransloyha"
Completion date: 2011y.

The object is construction 4-lane subgrade with the volume more than 1.4 million tons and further stacking 2-lane road pavement. Gravel sand blend and rubble volume is 22,000 m3, transportation by rail buses (195 km) and further by tracks to the subject. Height of highway is more than 17 meters. The total length of highway is 6.4 km. Volume is 14,000 tons of asphalt. Construction of reinforced concrete piles 2.0 is 4 pieces, total length of 239 meters.