Our objects

Basic kinds of  Roadmax activity are:

  • repair of a road covering;
  • road stacking;
  • road asphalting;
  • asphalting and accomplishment of the small areas (landscape gardening territories, parking, entrances and etc.) with use of new technologies.

Recently the volume of transportations, intensity of transport and accordingly quality of roads grows very quickly in our country, it becomes more and more actual. Big loading on a road covering, the poor quality, applied materials leads to road cracks and usually there hollows are formed. For good safety movements of transport it is necessary to spend a complex of road-building works: repair of a road covering, road asphalting and etc.

For elimination of lacks of the roads specified above more often it is used following technologies: repair by cast asphalt, injector, repair by cold asphalt, etc.

On ways of condensation there are: rolled asphalt-concrete, vibrated and cast asphalt. Unlike usual asphalt which after stacking is necessary to be rolled, cast asphalt is more plastic and easily keeps within at usual condensation.