"Roadmax" LLC performs road works on capital and operating repair (asphalt laying, repair of roads, repair of highways) asphalt-concrete covering and road marking in the territory of Uzbekistan. All know-how, professionalism of collective and advanced technical equipment used in work provides qualitative performance of the order in the minimal terms.

Landscape designing, construction of any objects are basis of all excavation works. To establish the reliable and durable base, before digging of foundation ditches it is necessary to lead the whole spectrum of geodetic researches which results will assist to prepare territory for construction. After studying a lay of land, structure of ground and preparation of a site the vertical lay-out of territory will be spent.

Asphalt laying is a process of direct asphalting and also preliminary preparation of territory. For example, if asphalt laying is conducted on district where asphalting was not made yet, the so-called base is prepared before asphalting the road. It is an embankment on which the mix will be put at asphalting roads considers climatic conditions of district, therefore before making asphalting road, the professional companies on asphalting, offer the most comprehensible variant on qualitative structure of a mix.

Today the road marking became habitual and an integral part of highways on which in many respects quality of traffic organization and safety depend.

Pipelining - the major part of construction without of which it is impossible to imagine an accomplishment and functioning of many industries.

«Roadmax» LLC specializes on carrying out of excavations, and also renders services of transportation, delivery of building materials and rent of building technical equipment. Developing mutually advantageous conditions of cooperation, we provide an individual approach to each client and the first class service. We are distinguished with an optimum combination of the price and quality, a responsible approach to work and professionalism.