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The “ROADMAX” company was founded in 2008 year in Tashkent. The main activity of our company is road construction. Motto of our company is “unite cities and countries quantity and on time.” In recent years, the Government of Uzbekistan lead effective policy of international integration and communications of the Republic including the development of transport nodes and highways. According to which the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has shown support and trust and appointed our company as general contractor. It was done on the basis of the report of the Cabinet of Ministers at № 05/1-922, dated on 29 March 2010, under the project “Construction of approach to the road bridge over the Amu-Darya River on a/r 4R161 from Urgench – Cholish - Beruny”. Period of construction is the end of 2011 year. This object our company performed ahead of time and quality and passed the object to the Independence Day of our motherland in 2011, performing all the tasks of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The management decided to buy at its own expense modern and highly profitable import road-building machinery for the further development potential of society. And that was done. Today the company has more than 105 units of new construction equipment made in Germany, South Korea and China. This step gave a big push for the timely and quality performance of the scope of work.


By our company has been involved in partnership German company “BAUTRAST INVEST” which in 2013 year supplied us road-building machinery. Expending techno-park of company and increasing financial capabilities, our company built in 2013 year a textile factory “ALEX HOME TEXTILE” for the production of terry towels. It was done at the expense of credit bank “Ipak Yuli” in the amount of 6 million USD. Volume of production is 1550 tons per year and now the factory employs more than 260 people. The factory is fully equipped with weaving machines of “VAMATEX” company from Italy and Jacquard machines of “STAUBLI” company from France. One of the major of the company was entering in 2013 in spinning mill “SUNTEXNAM” for the production of cotton yarn. Its production volume is of 3200 tons per year. Thus, with both projects, the company increased its foreign exchange earning to 8 – 9 million USD per year, as 78 % of total production is exported to Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In 2014 year the company, due to the credit of the bank “Ipak Yuli” 1 495 000 USD and owns 525 000 USD, acquired road construction equipment amounting to more than 650000 USD. In the same year, due to credit funds “NATIONAL BANK FEA RUZ” and owns were built 2 gas stations in Tashkent and Jizzakh regions, . Thus the companu increased its monthly monetary receipts. In annual terms this amounts to 6 000 000 000 -7 000 000 000 UZS.

The company plans that in 2015 year it will increase the industrial park, buying an additional 20 trucks of company “MAN”, 4 rollers of company “HAMM”, bulldozers of company “Caterpillar”, 3 excavators of company “Hyundai”. The company has set a number of tasks on textile production, in particular access to 100% production capacity, the purchase of equipment coloring with the capacity of 4 tons per day for yarn and 2 tons per day for the web.

Our company, taking advantage of favorable conditions for business vision in Uzbekistan which creates the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, maximizes its power and given the social responsibility, annually produces more than 200 workplaces.


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