Fayzullaev Seyran Samidjanovich
Was born on 03/09/1976
Has graduated from Textile Institute, Finance and Credit.
Work experience 12 years.
Bahodirov Mirzoanvar Abdukarimovich
was born on 07/13/1978
Has graduated from Samarkand State University, Lawyer.
Work experience 19 years.
Karabayev Ulugbek Ayubdjanovich
Was born on 10/7/1975
Has graduated from Tashkent State Legal Institute, master.
Work experience 11 years.


Sayfitdinov Gaffor Vahabovich
Was born on 2/21/1959
Has graduated from Namangan Polytechnical Institute, engineer.
Work experience 26 years.
Sobirov Nurali Abdumalikovich
Was born on 2/9/1970
Has graduated from Tashkent State Technical University, engineer.
Work experience 16 years.
Aripov Dilshod Ergashevich
Was born on 6/23/1972
Has graduated from Tashkent Road Institute, Construction of motorways and air stations.
Work experience 14 years.
Tuychieva Manzuma Tulabayevna
Was born on 12/6/1976
Has graduated from Tashkent Irrigational Institute, water management and land improvement.
Work experience 12 years.
Suvonov Tashpulat Khaydarovich
Was born on 6/16/1966
Has graduated from Tashkent Road Institute, accounting calculation and the analysis of economical activity.
Work experience 23 years.