Pipelining - the major part of construction without of which it is impossible to imagine an accomplishment and functioning of many industries. On an example of the given object of construction of the approach to the bridge, our brigade of workers has faced with stacking ferro-concrete pipes of mark ПЖБТ 2.0х2.0 on ПК 2+94 and ПК 7+85 of the left bank of the approach. In spite of heavy operating conditions, a level of soil offensive waters of Amudarya river was above a level of pipe stacking more than 1 meter. But professional methods of pipe stacking of our workers, have served as result of qualitative and duly pipe stacking - photoalbum. Besides ferro-concrete pipes passing river waters, there are also pipes intended for transportation of liquid and gaseous products. Pipes can be made of various materials to which concern both various alloys, and metals, both composite materials, and ceramics. Pipelining permits to isolate a transported material from an environment, and excludes its pollution. Pipelining is carried out under the ground, under water, by air, and also on pipe bridges. One of spheres of road construction and an accomplishment is preparation of lines for a pipelining. Pipelining begins with a choice of their place and a marking. Directly on an installation site the directions registered in design drawings and extent, a binding to technological axes and complete devices of trumpet lines are specified all; installation sites of lingering boxes and an output of pipes to electroreceivers are verified. The pipelining on road lines demands strict conformity to normative distances between points of fastening of pipes, radiuses of their bend and other sizes.

The pipelining on external networks is carried out by means of machines and mechanisms. This process can be divided into some stages: development of the project, upgrading of lines of the pipeline, spadework, installation of the pipeline. At a stage of installation of the pipeline it is expedient to apply various kinds of techniques: a bulldozer, a dredge. Connection of pipes of pipelines can be carried out by two ways. Joints weld manual electroarc welding by welding-assembly team, or the pipeline is increased from sections by a method of contact welding by means of the special equipment.

Innovations, high quality of the works executed by us and aspiration to the maximal satisfaction of customer’s needs, helped our society, in short time take a place among the best road-building companies of Uzbekistan.