Marking works

The road marking is an important element of safety, of organization and ordering of transport traffic. It helps to increase throughput of the road and to reduce road and transport incidents more than by 20%. A road marking includes - lines, arrows and other designations on driveways, road constructions and elements of the road equipment, serving by means of visual orientation of traffic participants or signs informing them about restrictions and modes of movement.

It establishes modes, orders of movement, operates as a mean of visual orientation of drivers and can be applied as independently, or in a combination to other means of the traffic organization. In settlements a horizontal marking apply on the main roads and streets, roads and streets of local purpose. The basic difference of a marking from other means of the traffic organization is that it is in driver’s sight for a long time.

Drawing of a road marking

Drawing the marks on roads can be carried out by thermoplastic, by paint, by cold plastic, by a spray-plastic, by marking ribbons, etc. Use of different materials leads us to different service life and accordingly cost of road marking service. A marking made by us will be strongly kept on any road and floor covering, specifying a correct direction of movement.

At drawing the marks on roads or at repair-regenerative road marking works, our high-skilled specialists use modern road marking materials meeting all requirements of normative documents, adapted to weather conditions of Uzbekistan.