Excavation works

What are excavations?

Landscape designing, construction of any objects are basis of all excavation works. To establish the reliable and durable base, before digging of foundation ditches it is necessary to lead the whole spectrum of geodetic researches which results will assist to prepare territory for construction. After studying a lay of land, structure of ground and preparation of a site the vertical lay-out of territory will be spent.

At the given stage the inclination of a surface providing tap of rain waters, safe conditions of movement of transport is formed. Also it is necessary to reduce excavations that will provide as much as possible natural kind of district to a minimum and will reduce expenses on - digging of foundation ditches, development of foundation ditches, ground transportation. As a rule, the vertical lay-out of territory is provided on sites which are occupied by buildings, by industrial constructions, etc.

Excavations are not only digging of foundation ditches, development of foundation ditches, tranches and subsequent filling of the territories. A prominent aspect of construction is carrying out of engineering networks, ground drainage, a vertical lay-out and many other things. Carrying out excavations, our experts carefully plan all stages of registration of territory and optimize expenses for production - a vertical lay-out.

Carrying out excavation works we guarantee:

  • precise following to the architecturally-building project;
  • quality assurance at each stage of carrying out of excavations - digging of foundation ditches, development of foundation ditches, a vertical lay-out;
  • use innovative development and application of modern technical equipment;
  • high qualification of the employees who are carrying out excavations.

“Roadmax” LLC is one of leaders in its professional area. Being guided by modern lines in construction individual and industrial constructions, we constantly improve quality of given service and we update our motor-vehicle pool. The responsible attitude to the work is the guarantee of faultless result.