Autotransport services

«Roadmax» LLC specializes on carrying out of excavations, and also renders services of transportation, delivery of building materials and rent of building technical equipment. Developing mutually advantageous conditions of cooperation, we provide an individual approach to each client and the first class service. We are distinguished with an optimum combination of the price and quality, a responsible approach to work and professionalism.

Rent of building technical equipment: advantages

Capital investment in architectural sector assumes long investment of objects. Building of various constructions is long enough and labour-intensive process. Rent of building technical equipment - rent of a dredge, rent of dumpers permits to reduce charges of staff of the attendants, to avoid charges on purchase of the expensive equipment and to optimize all production.

At your service: bulldozers, autograders, dredges on caterpillar and wheel, dumpers, soil виброкатки, small building mechanization, etc. Rent of building techniques carried out by us, in particular rent of a dumper and rent of a dredge, for carrying out of road-installation works, transportation of cargoes, including for transportation of large-sized or bulky goods with use of low-frame and onboard platforms.

Rent of building techniques means the qualified maintenance service. Experts of «Roadmax» LLC are ready to assist in carrying out of excavations, delivery of building materials, introduction in operation of the specialized equipment any time.

Qualitative and complex service permits to increase considerably capacities, to reduce the cost price of carried out works, to increase efficiency of technological process. Rent of building techniques in our company becomes favourable capital investment.

For some years of successful work we have developed the optimum plans of cooperation focused on constant development and perfection of service. The responsible and professional approach to work has allowed us to become one of leaders in the competitive area. Using innovative development in the field of designing and constructions, «Roadmax» LLC creates all conditions for active and successful development of your business.

Advantages of «Roadmax» LLC:

  • all the technical equipment are new and imported;
  • wide choice of techniques;
  • flexible price policy;
  • consultation of travelling specialists.