• The “ROADMAX” company received 20

    The “ROADMAX” company received 20 German-made trucks MAN, capacity of 30 tons.

  • “Tashkent-Termez M-39”

    The company staff began to exploit newly arrived automobile technics on building object “Tashkent-Termez M-39”

  • A/R 100 km Surhandarya 2012-2014.

    Reconstruction of a/r and transition from 2-way to 4-way lane asphalt-concrete pavement, length of 100 km on a/r M39 Tashkent-Termez on areas 1330-1395 km, 1400-1410 km and 1426-1451 km, including 36 bridges.

  • RM GAS

    The “RM GAS” company is a diversified auto filling station where along with methane gas being implemented propane gas, diesel and gasoline.

  • RM OIL

    The “RM OIL” company is auto filling station which carries around the clock sales of methane gas for all types of transport.


    The “SUNTEXNAM” company is a spinning factory where 408 of our employees engaged in the manufacture 4000 tons of cotton yarn per year.


    The “ALEX HOME TEXTILE” company is weaving factory where 260 employees engaged in the manufacture 1100 tons of towels per year.

  • GGM & JEM - Multidisciplinary Auto filling station

    Multidisciplinary filling station in Tashkent region along the international route Tashkent-Fergana equipped with new modern compressor equipment produced by the South Korean company Kwan Shin, the productive capacity of 4 500 m3 / 1 hour.

ROADMAX Company has been created in 2008 in Tashkent; the basic kind of activity of a society is road construction. The motto of our company - we unite cities and the countries qualitatively and in time. Last years the government of Uzbekistan conducts the effective policy of the international integration of an infrastructure and communications of republic, including development of transport units and highways. According to what the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has shown support and trust, having appointed our company as general contractor-organization, on the basis of the report of Cabinet Ruz 05/1-922 from March 29th, 2010, on object Construction of approaches... ...


At the ROADMAX office, negotiations were held with representatives of Kazakstan Temir Yuli on participation in the ADB-financed project "Reconstruction of the A-380 Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beineu highway" with a length of 240 km. In a friendly atmosphere, an exchange of views took place on the implementation of the project in case of winning the tender by Kazakh friends.


In our office, negotiations were held with representatives of the China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation, which won the tender, funded by ADB, "Reconstruction of the A-380 Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beineu highway" with a length of 87 km. During the negotiations, the Chinese friends expressed a desire to involve our Company as the main Subcontractor on this project.